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    We adhere to these principles.

    • 1. The golden rules: we try to treat customers as we would wish to be treated.
    • 2. Instead of sales "tactics"; simply describe a product's abilities candidly.All items have strengths and weaknesses. We state both.
    • 3. Be cautious of the product specification, as manufacturers are inclined to exaggerate.
    • 4. Customize products and systems to suit users's needs.
    • 5. Never become satisfied with either our products or our service.
    What we do?

    • 1. OEM and ODM products used in agriculture, electric fencing, equine supplies, pet supplies, protective equipment, garden supplies, sports goods,etc.
    • 2. Metal processing, plastic processing, rubber processing and mould making,etc.
    • 3. Sourcing existed products used in the industries same as above.
    Why work with us?

    • 1. Having a reliable quality control system, including point control in raw materials/batch production samples/inspection during production/random quality inspection(flying inspection) during production/warehouse inspection before shipment.
    • 2. Qualified & hardworking engineers with real knowledge & expertise helping you all the way through.
    • 3. Having a well-developed sourcing network in China for all types of components and materials.
    • 4. Consolidating products for our customers.
    • 5. Ensuring competitive pricing.
    • 6. Drawing clear lines between customers.

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